5 Ways to Reuse Old Picture Frames

Winter presses on. Last week we talked about updating current photo galleries this winter in order to get new looks and not go crazy while you’re stuck in the house. This week we’re talking about reusing old picture frames, to either use them in those updated galleries, or somewhere else in your house. Making old things useful again is a great way to be sustainable and save some cash. Instead of buying a lot of new frames, here are 5 ways to reuse old picture frames:

Redecorate the ones you have and move them to a new place in the house. Repaint an old frame with some paint and painter’s tape to create a graphic design.

reuse old picture frames
Like this frame from Shanty2Chic that I found on Pinterest

Or, press metal tacks into the wood for a nailhead effect with minimal cost. Start on the outside edge and work your way in, layering a tiny bit as you go, so that you can’t see the wood when you’re finished. Still see the wood when you’re done? No worries, spraypaint that sucker for a cohesive look.

Like this frame I found on Pinterest, which unfortunately had no tutorials with it.
Like this frame I found on Pinterest, which unfortunately had no tutorials with it. Best of luck.

Valentine’s Day present – Want a unique, handmade Valentine’s Day craft this year? Take an old frame, and Modge-Podge some cut-out hearts and words from magazines that tell your Valentine what you love about them. Put in a photo of the two of you together, and voila! Easy, heartfelt, and inexpensive. You could do this with your kids as well – toddlers who can’t read yet can cut out colors and shapes – with age appropriate scissors – that remind them of why they like their Valentine (maybe Mom or Dad?). Cute!


Frame gifts for Valentine's Day
Unrelated heart frame that I need to update with a coat of paint. With one of my business cards inside to show scale.



Dry-erase board – Put a fun piece of fabric or paper behind the glass, paint the frame your favorite color, and use it as a dry-erase board in your bathroom or kitchen, like this one done at Metal & Mud:

reuse old picture frames

Frame Art Wall – Create an open-frame gallery wall, using frames only – by makelyhome.com (with a tutorial!)

Frame gallery wall


Be a little crafty. Check out this list of 10 frame projects from LiveLoveDIY. I especially love the first one, which uses a really thin frame to showcase the easy graphic art inside it.


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