A Day at the Beach

“We’ve got crabs!” the girls exclaimed, laughing, as we watched the sand crabs digging their little dens a few feet from our towels. The neighboring family looked at us uncomfortably, satisfying our attempt to make them feel unwelcome as they set up their umbrellas, chairs, towels, shovels and seagull-attracting food five feet from where we had set up an hour earlier. The beach to our right was empty, but they had chosen the already-crowded sand to our left, wedging themselves between us and another couple who looked equally unhappy about their choice.

No matter, people watching is all the better when they’re right on top of you. You can listen to conversations and not feel guilty about eavesdropping, or laugh at ridiculous “it looks like it might rain” statements when it’s been sprinkling for ten minutes.

Outer Banks rain

It rained every day I was at the beach, but that didn’t stop us from enjoying every outing to the ocean, or stop me from getting a stripe of sunburn on my legs where I missed with the spray-on sunscreen. We spent the majority of our time in Southern Shores, staying close to the house because of the threats of rain, hanging out with the sand crabs who spent their lives digging out hovels for themselves every day. The last day, we ventured down to South Nags Head, where we joined up with more friends. The beach there was wider, and the water warmer, giving more space for beach activities like ocean aerobics (don’t laugh) and kite flying.

Nags Head Kite FlyingVisiting Outer Banks beach Outer Banks Duck NC


Summer vacation Helping to protect against erosion Outer Banks ocean weather


Nags Head OBX sand and waves


Duck, NC Duck NC waves


I hope you’re having a wonderful summer, and you’re leaving room for a beach trip or two to decompress. If you’re headed on vacation, don’t forget to read up on last year’s Vacation Tips too.

Happy Summer!