A Non-Political Presidential Post

My business is not a political forum. However, I did go to a rally today, in an effort to see the President of the United States in person, while he was in Richmond. The rally itself lasted about an hour, with the President’s speech being 10-15 minutes long, and the build-up lasting about 45 minutes. But we were there for hours before it started, and the people watching was fantastic. People by themselves when they’re strangers and you don’t know them, can be weird. They can be frustrating, they can even be infuriating, as anyone who has driven their morning commute can tell you.

But people together, bound by a singular cause are amazing. They’re uplifting, encouraging, and driven to help others. I saw two college students lift a shorter, older woman up on their shoulders so she could see the President with her own eyes. I witnessed a mother struggling with her toddler, trying to give her water, trying to calm her down… and a hand reach through the crowd with a pack of crackers for a very hungry baby.

Sometimes, people seem awful, and act awfully toward each other. But today, after seeing people pass loads and loads of water from person to person to help other hot, thirsty people, it gave me hope. And that has nothing to do with politics.

The line was crazy long. But the scenery and weather made it hard to complain.

My rally-going partner managed to grab this shot, balanced on a crowd barrier and hunched under a tree. He did a great job – and totally got photo bombed by a Secret Service agent in the process. 🙂

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