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An Important Announcement

I don’t like to be in the center of attention. In case you didn’t know, I much prefer to be behind the camera than in front of it. I was able to hide the fact that I was pregnant with my son until I was at 20 weeks, and only made the announcement on social media while I was on vacation, to allow the news to settle before I got back to work. Baby #2 became visible much earlier, so I’ve been answering the “when are you due?” question since February.

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To be clear, this photo is not from February.

We won’t go into whether or not people should have been asking as early as February, since I was only 9 weeks pregnant at that point. As an aside, we also won’t talk about the weird things that people say to pregnant women that maybe shouldn’t be said at all (like, “oh, you’ll have all winter to get your body back before bathing suit season!”). Nope.

What is relevant for us here, though, is the amount of time I’m expecting to be on maternity leave this fall. Here’s my announcement: Baby girl is due at the end of September, which puts me out of commission likely through the end of October. I won’t be shooting as much this fall as my family grows and we learn how to do life all over again.

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I am shooting indoor lifestyle sessions and early morning and evening outdoor sessions now through mid-September. As long as Baby #2 comes when she’s supposed to, I then plan to come back and shoot all types of sessions during peak Richmond leaf season in November.

Time is short and the number of sessions I have available for the rest of 2019 is dwindling. Don’t wait to contact me for your family, newborn, and maternity sessions for 2019.

An important announcement

Also, if you have any good binging shows, I’ll be laid up for the month of October and looking for good stuff to keep my interest. Share your ideas in the comments below.

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  1. So excited for you! I just discovered Brooklyn Nine Nine which I love. Also so excited you’ll be back doing sessions in November. Would love to book one of the 30 minute sessions.

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