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Three Christmases: Apex Extended Family Photos

Mary Anne and I have known each other for so long, we don’t know when our friendship started. I think she was around 5 when she wrecked her bike on the hill beside our house and had to get gravel removed from her chin, and we were friends way before that. So, when she texted me and asked me to help her create a surprise shoot for her mother in law for Christmas, I jumped at the chance to see her and her family. It’s a two and a half hour drive from Chesterfield to Apex, but it was a beautiful day for driving down I-85, and the sun escorted me through the trees as they transitioned from oaks and maples to pines.

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Mary Anne and the girls met me in the driveway when I pulled up, and we gathered the rest of the family from the warmth of inside. We bundled up and walked to the neighborhood pond, frolicking along the way. It was cold, but everyone was in high spirits, and the wind died down as we arrived.

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After a series of group shots, we headed into the house and spread out in front of the tree. The girls negotiated opening one gift each, and we watched as they tore into the wrapping paper and boxes. Afterwards, we huddled up in front of the fire for a few more family photos. Jon’s mom showed me the 8×10 frame that her sons and daughters-in-law had given her for Christmas, and how they had surprised her. It was simple and effective, and she was thrilled that I had been able to come down for her gift.

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We wrapped up with some couples photos in the backyard; the light was beautiful and filtered through the Apex pines. As I gathered my things to leave, I told the girls I was glad they got to have two Christmases. “THREE CHRISTMASES!!” Two of them exclaimed. Three Christmases. Who can beat that?

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I’m so glad you contacted me, Mare! We need to get together again soon!


Did you know that I am willing to travel for family and maternity sessions? If you live outside of Richmond and can’t get to town for a photo shoot, contact me for a custom travel quote, and I’ll do the driving.

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  1. Hi Allison, what a great experience! Thanks so much for traveling down to NC and doing our photo session on short notice. Jon’s mom was floored by the results. Definitely a big hit. What’s your secret for getting all the kids looking up at the same time AND smiling?!

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