Running out of Autumn – Southside Family Photos

There’s a fine line in autumn, between the ever-slow ramp up toward prime leaf color, to the sudden flash of color that seems to surprise us in its enormity. Then just as suddenly, it’s gone in an instant. The chase of fall is like the chase of sunlight on a cold day, racing against time to get the right light, the right color, the right feel, before the light and color are gone and we’re sunk into the bleakness of cold Richmond winter.

I met Shreya and her family right on the cusp of that switch from prime fall to late autumn, on one of the first really crisp days in November. We met at Forest Hill Park, which is my favorite autumn backdrop for family photos, for obvious reasons.

Family photos

Forest Hill photography

Autumn family pictures

Fall family photos

Southside family photos

Richmond family photography

RVA Photographer

West End maternity photographer

Chesterfield family photographer

Autumn Richmond photographer

Shreya’s son is at that perfect age to play games. That mischievous eyebrow flick and squeal, half from delight and half from frustration of having to sit in one place for longer than 2.5 seconds. I love a good challenge, and learned quickly that he would straight up laugh at me if I stuck out my tongue and made motorboat sounds with my mouth. Easy peasy, we were having fun!

East End photographer

Northside photographer

children photographer

Midlothian maternity photographer

We meandered up the hill from the pond, where the trees reach so tall that the sun sets 30 minutes early, and found the spot where the trees were still fiery orange and red.

Autumn family photography

Father son photography

Southside photographer

Couples photography

Shreya, I’m so glad we were able to get together, and I’m so happy that you love your album! We got so many fun images, how else would you get 30 pictures in one place? 😉


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