Saturday in Carytown: Autumn Toddler Photos

We met on a gray, gloomy Saturday morning,¬†the clouds hanging around¬†after a night’s rain. But while the sky was as drab as could be, the ground where we met was covered with fiery crimson maple leaves, which was absolutely perfect for our autumn toddler photos. The damp leaves clung to Jaya’s boots and hands, as she ran through the piles and threw them into the air above her head.

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We played for a long time, first with the leaves, then with bubbles (“bub-bos!”), and pumpkins, and finally we walked over and played on the swings. If her laugh was any indication, the swings were definitely her favorite part.

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I’ve been privileged to photograph this little girl for the last two years – starting even before she was born – and she’s an absolute treat every time I see her. She’s expressive and curious, and like most toddlers, loves to play, no matter the game. Even though she starts out shy every time I see her, it only takes a few minutes of coaxing before we’re having a great time together.

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While the goal of our time together was to get new updated photos of Jaya, I’m so glad I got a couple of her interacting with her mama. Baby girls love their moms, and I love to capture that! If you’d like to update your toddler photos this fall, now’s the time to contact me – optimal fall-leaf time for Richmond is late October and early November.