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Let’s Make a Baby Registry

Let’s talk registries for a second. I didn’t do a wedding registry when we were engaged. I was 24, we already had the towels we needed, our bed was on the floor but we didn’t care. In retrospect, I believe I didn’t do one because it was overwhelming and our apartment was too small to request things like “china” or “a toaster.” We preferred “toasters full of cash,” which would have been more practical for us as young professionals in our early twenties, but we were not specific with our friends and family, and therefore ended up with several metaphorical birdhouse mailboxes.

Baby Registry

11 years later when we were preparing for our baby, I was determined not to make the same mistake twice. I needed practical items, which I asked for and received. I also wanted and requested more fun items in my baby registry, like giftcards to my favorite big box stores and the giver’s favorite books.

My favorite registry items were Babylist’s “It Takes a Village” coupons, which included things like “Preloved baby clothes,” “Babysitting,” and a Baby sign language class. Why shouldn’t you be able to register for things that you’re going to use and love? Wouldn’t it be great if you could register for something like newborn photography? You could add it to your registry (again, I like Babylist because of how easy it is to add lots of different stores to one registry) and have people contribute to it. Then, you could even share the gallery of your images after your session with the people who contributed to your registry, with a simple link share. Wouldn’t that be great?

Baby photography

Well it IS great, because it exists, and exists here, as an example. Friends and family can click into the gallery, select the photo in the gallery, and then select the amount they wish to contribute to your photography. You can then decide how you want to use it. You can decide which package you want to get, or which products, and how to use the photography credits you’ve been gifted.

Photography really is a gift that lasts a lifetime. It will be with you as your little one grows into, and then out of, all of the adorable clothes and blankets. It will be treasured far longer than the practical gifts like the bottle brushes and diapers and wipes. And those who contribute to your newborn photography gift can take pleasure knowing their gift will outlast the fourth trimester, the terrible twos, and graduations from both kindergarten and high school.

If you’re interested in adding your own Allison Patel Photography gift cards to your registry, let me know, and I will create a registry that is personalized to you.

Chesterfield family photographer

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