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Baby Sister’s Photos: No Man is An Isla

I walked up the driveway and could hear Ryan explaining to Nora why I was there. “Remember her? She was here last summer and we played in the backyard…” Nora’s 2 year old forehead furrowed and then relaxed as she remembered the bubbles from our last two adventures outside, and she called out excitedly, “I have a pretty dress on!”

She scrambled down out of her dad’s arms and followed us around the house as we found the best rooms to use for her new baby sister’s photos. The nursery was the winner, with beautiful morning sunlight streaming through the open window, accompanied by a calm, lazy breeze that ruffled the pale cotton curtain. We set upĀ one posed photo of baby Isla in the dining room, in a basket that I had brought to complement a photo taken of Nora 2 years ago.

Baby girl

Then we moved our fun upstairs to the nursery, where Dana sat comfortably in the rocker beside the crib and alternated between comforting and nursingĀ her 6-day-old daughter. Nora seems to have taken a shine to Isla, asking lots of questions and wanting to be close and sweet to her new sister. I snapped away as Nora bounced her energetic self around the room and Isla slept and ate, slept and ate.

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While we did a wardrobe change, Nora treated us to a song she learned from a friend about naked babies, and was very proud of the big girl jeans she got to wear.

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We ended our morning with Nora scampering out of the room to watch cartoons with Grandpa, and Isla finally putting her tiny foot down and saying she was done. As I walked down the stairs to the front door, Nora called after me, “thank you, Elsa!”

I’ll take it.


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  1. Allison, thank you sooo much!! I love them all!
    (as evidenced by my inability to make decisions!) Thank you for your patience with our craziness!

  2. These pictures are so candid and special! I love the every day moments that will be captured for a lifetime. Thank you for sharing!

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