Why Do Bananas Go Bad So Fast?

The doctor’s official recommendation for me as I recently complained about waking up at night with leg cramps was to eat more bananas. I bought a big bunch of lime-green bananas the day before Thanksgiving, and they stayed green for five days before suddenly turning immediately brown. There was a period of about 3 hours where the bananas were actually ripe and yellow, and of course I wasn’t looking when that happened. I’ve given up trying to eat the remainder of this bunch, and if I remember in time, I’ll choose wisely and make banana bread before they disintegrate like the Nazi in Indiana Jones & the Last Crusade. Banana bread will keep leg cramps away too, right?

This is why I don’t buy many fruits and vegetables. They’re wonderful in theory; healthy, full of vitamins and nutrients and all the stuff we all need to survive. But they don’t last. They don’t have the patience of bread, or the staying power of cheese. They don’t wait around for me to make decisions like, “what’s the best way to serve this so that my family eats it?” or “should I make this tonight or order a pizza?”


My problem is that I try to approach food with the same easy-going attitude I do with photography, but food (real food, not processed snacks) doesn’t allow you the same leeway. Photos allow you to take your time to pick out the right way for it to be printed, or decide which photo (banana) you like best. Food just doesn’t have time for that.

And, while the subjects of photos continue to change after you’ve clicked the shutter, the moment has been captured for all time and you can go back to it over and over, admiring the baby curls and the little hand dimples for years to come. There’s no rush with photos like there is with food.

Kids photographer

I guess I should just stick with photography and not try to open a restaurant. That would be a disaster. Bananas on the menu on Monday, banana bread on the menu on Wednesday… who has an amazing banana bread recipe? Share it in the comments, and hurry.