Five Ways to Beat the Heat in Richmond

It’s hot. How hot is it? It’s so hot that sections of 288 were buckling this afternoon.  I walked out of my office today and felt like I had opened the oven door and climbed in alongside dinner. It’s so hot, they’re giving tigers at the zoo blocks of frozen blood, or “bloodcicles,” to chew on. (When I googled that to find a reference, I learned that bloodcicles aren’t really a new thing for lions and tigers in captivity, but they’re doing it now to keep their internal temperatures down.) So yeah, it’s hot. And the zoo is probably not where I would want to be today. In fact, there are few places that I want to be today, and they all have AC or a large body of water.IMG_2041

But not everyone has access to large bodies of water, and you probably want to get out of the house, right? There are precious few days left of summer, and it’s important to enjoy all of them, in my opinion. There’s nothing that wastes a summer day more than to sit around with kids (or adults) talking about how bored they are. So, here are five ways to beat the heat in Richmond, to get you out of the house but not into the furnace: The heat is on

  1. Children’s Museum of Richmond / Science Museum of Virginia / Virginia Museum of Fine Arts – lots of ways to learn and play with art and science.
  2. Maymont/Three Lakes Park & Nature Center – Both parks offer fresh water aquariums and animals, and opportunity for learning if your kids like animals. Maymont has a petting zoo, and Three Lakes is outside the city if you’re “Maymonted” out.
  3. Library Storytime – Check out your area library, or try a new one in your county or in the city. You could probably find a different story time for every day of the week, if you wanted.
  4. Ice Skating – Why the heck not?
  5. Indoor trampoline parks/bounce houses/gyms – There are several of these around Richmond, make sure they have “open gym” before you go so you don’t get there when they’re reserved for an event.


Good luck! I know I’ve probably missed some places, too. What are your favorite spots around Richmond to stay cool? Share them in the comments!

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kathy gardner
kathy gardner

Nice list of possibilities. Hey, how about a trip to “that ice cream shop”! That was a fun outing, and yummy too!
Bloodsicles …eewww!