Belle Isle Family Session: It’s Been A Warm December

I’ve had a backlog of blog posts (sidenote: is ‘blog’ short for ‘backlog?’ My sources say no. Anyway.), and so even though the winter has been super warm and humid in Richmond, today’s post is from a Belle Isle family session I did back in December, with Lauren, Seth, and Rose.

I met Lauren and her family on a gorgeous Sunday afternoon. After rain and chilly temperatures earlier in the week, Belle Isle was muddy and the James was extra high, but they had come prepared with a fleece blanket, and we used it multiple times as we made our way down the walking path, stopping here and there along the river for pictures. Lauren had two major goals in mind as we worked that afternoon: capturing the city scape and the river in their family photos, and getting lots of natural, candid shots as they interacted with each other.

Belle Isle Family Photos

Richmond family photography

Outdoor family photography

Fun and simple family photos

Belle Isle Family Photography

Natural family photos

Outdoor family photos

Richmond family photography

Rose was a champ, smiling and giggling and gurgling like Chewbacca all the way to the end, due in no small part to the efforts of her parents, who gave her raspberries and made faces and funny noises to keep her entertained.

Simple family pictures

Fun family photos

Baby girl photography

Chesterfield family photography

Family of three photography

Mother and Daughter photography

Downtown Richmond family photography

Belle Isle Family Photos

Richmond maternity photography

Candid photography

RVA family photography

Candid family photography

Natural and easy family photography


Thank you so much, Lauren, Seth, and baby Rose, for spending your afternoon with me and enjoying the strangely warm weather in Richmond!

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