A New Format

Pick of the Month – A New Format

Each month or so, I review one thing in my Pick of the Month series. Whether it’s something neat or necessary, a treat or help with a problem, I think it’s worth sharing. Hopefully you’ll be inspired to find something new...Read More
Journey to the Unknown

A Little Journey to the Unknown, Part 2

Last week, I published a new blog about the things I learned while I was pregnant and how to better benefit my maternity clients. Today is part 2 of that journey: No Longer Pregnant. Since my son was born in...Read More
Time keeps on ticking

Time Keeps on Slipping

Hi! I’m currently on maternity leave, aiming to return to APP around the beginning of March. In the meantime, enjoy this throwback post from 2015, and follow me on Instagram for some newborn life photos: allisonpatelphotography The word “photography” was...Read More