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Diamond in the Rough – RVA Street Art Festival

My Sundays are rarely as full and active as this past was. Our church celebrated 15 years this week with food trucks and cupcakes after the morning service, and I had an afternoon of putting together hygiene kits for Harvey...Read More
Pop quiz - what's your ideal location?

Pop Quiz: What’s Your Ideal Location?

Happy first day of school! As the kids go off to school for their first day, easing (or lurching) back into early morning routines, homework, and tests, I have a quiz for you parents. So often I hear from clients...Read More
Outdoor location myths

Outdoor Location Myths

Last week, I wrote about five indoor location myths, and I thought it would be fitting to follow that up with some outdoor photo location myths. The majority of my sessions are done outdoors, and overwhelmingly during one part of...Read More
5 myths about indoor photography

Indoor Location Myths

In case you've been living in the southern hemisphere or a cave lately, I'm here to tell you that this summer has been Hot. Suffocating humidity and heat has made being outside for more than 5 minutes unbearable for a...Read More