Burning the candle

Burning the Candle at Both Ends

One of my favorite idioms is “burning the candle at both ends.” I get it, I can imagine it. You get twice as much light, for half the time. You burn all of your energy by doing two things at once, when you could do twice as much of one thing (and see while doing it). Ron Swanson rephrased it and said it best: “Never half-ass two things. Whole-ass one thing.”

If you’re wondering why I’ve been basically invisible for the past few weeks, this is why. August is why. I’ve been trying to whole-ass two things in August for years, which has produced a variety of results, and then being a new mom has taught me how far things can actually stretch before you can see through them.

I finally went out to dinner last week with friends – my first outing with friends without the baby since he was born – instead of writing a blog. Some people call it self-care, but I call it self-preservation. I needed that night off, even with the guilt that came from not providing Tuesday morning reading material to my trusty readers.

And now, August is nearly over, and a real and true vacation is on the horizon. Countdown to vacation! Countdown to September! Countdown to cooler weather and autumn leaves and filling my weekends, and some weekdays, with family photos. I’m excited! And I’m booking for fall now. I’ll be back to whole-assing photography come mid-September, and burning the candle at one end, as long as it’s a really big candle.

Want me to hold your spot? Text me at 804-286-0314, or email me at allison@allisonpatelphoto.com and let’s chat!

Burning the candle