I Can Do It Later

While in COVID quarantine, with the days blending together and no end in sight, it became really easy to start saying “I can do it later.” Born first out of necessity and self-preservation in the overwhelm, it sustained itself through laziness and lack of structured days. Why rush to finish anything when there’s no deadline […]

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When I got Hacked


It’s been a long few weeks. I got hacked, y’all. My little photography business site got hacked, and being hacked feels a lot like having your car broken into, or your bike stolen off your front porch. You feel silly, exposed, and embarrassed that something like that could happen to you. When you’re the victim […]

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Newborn photographer

Single Parents are Amazing.

I’ve remarked a lot over the last year about how much I’ve learned since having a kid. There are plenty of things that you simply can’t learn until you’ve experienced them hands-on yourself. This is why flight simulators are a thing before people get to fly a plane; all the reading in the world can’t […]

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