I Want You to Kick It Old School

I shoot digital photography. Like 99% of my colleagues, I use current technologies, not old school methods, to run my business. I use a digital camera to create photos of you and your family. Then, I use software to edit...Read More
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Allison Patel Photography Is Five!

As of January 1st, Allison Patel Photography is five years old! It's also been five years (yesterday) since I quit smoking. I can't believe I started a business and quit smoking in the same week. It's also insane to think...Read More

Maternity Photos at Maymont: the Fall that Won’t Quit

When I booked a session of maternity photos at Maymont with Mariam, I never thought we would still have fall color in the Japanese Garden. I've never been happier to be wrong. I met Mariam and Joseph in the Garden...Read More
Fall Mini Photo Sessions

Looking for a Quickie?

Now that my title grabbed your attention, I'm planning a day of mini-sessions for families, couples, or even maternity clients who would like a quick 15-minute session this fall. If you're looking for a quickie photo session to update a family photo,...Read More
Favorite Summer Session Photos

My Favorite Summer Session Photos

I wasn't sure what to write about this week, and the suggestions from the peanut gallery were... lacking: "You should write about Chic-Fil-A mayo and how it's the best mayo." While I could go on for a while about the...Read More