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Into the Great Unknown

I've written a lot about life as a mother in the last year, and how much I've learned. I've mentioned the plethora of things I didn't know that I didn't know. Postpartum anxiety and depression, lactation issues, hormones, crying, cluster...Read More
newborn photos

MyBirth Doulas, Revisited

Hi! I'm currently on maternity leave, aiming to return to APP around the beginning of March. In the meantime, enjoy this throwback post from 2016, and follow me on Instagram for some maternity life photos: allisonpatelphotography.  One additional note: MyBirth...Read More
RVA photographer

Diamond in the Rough – RVA Street Art Festival

My Sundays are rarely as full and active as this past was. Our church celebrated 15 years this week with food trucks and cupcakes after the morning service, and I had an afternoon of putting together hygiene kits for Harvey...Read More
Jamaican food pick of the month

Pick of the Month: Carena’s Jamaican Grille

Each month, I review one thing in my Pick of the Month series. Whether it’s something neat or necessary, a treat or help with a problem, I think it's worth sharing. Hopefully you'll be inspired to find something new and interesting...Read More
street art festival

Can’t Hold Me Down – RVA Street Art Festival

Last week was the kind of week that breaks you. Family members in the hospital, playing catch-up after vacation, and a can't-let-any-of-the-balls-drop kind of week. I was looking forward to the weekend like a man crossing the desert yearns for water....Read More