Choosing photos from your session

Choosing Photos from Your Session: Advice

Now what? You’ve seen your online, password-protected gallery and you’ve been presented with the options: pre-made packages, albums, canvases, or prints. Where do you start? How do you start choosing photos and products that you love so you don’t simply download the files that are included in your package and then never look at them again?

Let me ask you some rhetorical questions. Well, rhetorical in that you don’t need to answer me here. You should consider these questions and answer them to help you decide what to do once presented with your gallery of images. Ideally, you’d ask yourself these questions before your session, maybe while you’re looking for a photographer, so that you’re prepared to start choosing photos when the time comes. But, if you haven’t started questioning yourself and your motives (in a good way), it’s not too late.

Ask yourself:

How often do I want to see the pictures from my session? Every day on the wall? Every once in a while in an album? On my desk at work (or home office)?

Where do I want to see these pictures? Is it on the wall above the couch? In a gallery in the hallway? Every time I look at my social media profile [there are a set number of files already included in APP packages for social media and holiday card creating]? Tucked safely away on a shelf for posterity?

Print your photos

What kind of space do I have on my walls for new photos (if applicable)? Will these new photos take the place of older pictures or be added into the story of your family? If I’m replacing older pictures, does that mean that there’s a set space where I need to fit the new photos?

How many photos do I hope to get from the session? Along with the set of downloads (varies by package) I’m getting, do I need one big anchor piece? Several small pieces? If I buy all of the files (30-50 typically), what do I plan to do with them? [If it’s just “keep them safe,” I could let my photographer keep them safe without me having to buy them all.] If it’s “make an album,” do I want to make that album myself or let the professional make it for me?

Do I need to consider gifts for family or friends? Mini albums or prints for aunties or grannies? [Mini albums come as a set of 3, and fit in stockings and as Hanukkah gifts quite nicely. Just saying.]

So, once you’ve answered these questions, keep your answers in mind while you look at your gallery. If you have the end goal in mind, it will help you think critically about what works for your house and your plans, and keep you from falling into the Bacon Hole.

Need help answering some of the questions before you schedule a session? Click here to shoot me an email and let me know where your dilemma lies, and I’ll help you!

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