Choosing Spring Photo Outfits

I know what you must be thinking. “Why is she writing about choosing spring photo outfits while we’re all in isolation? Doesn’t she know I haven’t left my pj’s in three days?” Wellllll yes. Of course I understand. I’m personally on a mission to put on pants every day so that I feel like a person, and like staying home is an actual choice. Even if putting on pants doesn’t include a shower first (and it often doesn’t), it’s still a victory.

Along the same lines, sometimes just dressing up in fancy clothes and sitting on the front porch helps you find purpose and do something different. So whether you’re contacting me for a (limited time) porchrait session, or setting your phone up on the porch railing for a group selfie, here are a few tips for choosing spring photo outfits:

Choosing Spring Photo Outfits

First, the rules:

  1. Coordinate, but don’t match. The days of all white shirts and jeans are gone.
  2. Let the kids choose their own clothes from a few selections you’ve chosen. This is not a hill worth dying on.
  3. Wear something that you like, that fits, and that looks good on you. If you hate the outfit, you won’t do anything with the pictures afterwards.
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Now, where to start:

  1. Start with neutrals. Try this website to determine your skin’s underlying tone and which types of colors you look good in, if you aren’t sure. Do you look better in crisp white or a warm cream tone?
  2. Add contemporary colors, in small amounts. Consider the colors of the season. For Spring 2020, contemporary colors include bold pops of color that will cheer you right out of your isolation funk, and some classic springy pastels. As a rule, don’t put everyone in different colored pastels, or you’ll risk looking like a carton of Easter eggs.
  3. Throw in some pattern and texture. Add a soft sweater, a shiny belt, or a scarf. Or put your tiniest human in a patterned dress while you stay in solids. Your eye will be drawn to pattern first, and the bigger the pattern, the more it will dominate. If you’re trying to hide that new Isolation Fifteen you put on while you support every RVA local restaurant, help draw the eye away by putting pattern elsewhere.
  4. Don’t compete with nature. If your backdrop is a beautiful magenta azalea bush, maybe don’t make orange your go-to family photo color. Also consider where in your house you’ll be hanging these, and how large. If you’re planning to hang a canvas over the couch, consider that the colors in the photo will now be a dominant part of your room. Make sure you like the color if you’ll be seeing it a LOT in your house.
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Whether you’re planning for quick professional photos or planning a cell phone group selfie, use the tips above to choose your spring photo outfits. Your mom would probably appreciate a family photo if she can’t see you in person, and Mother’s Day is less than a month away!