Event Photography: Mukund’s Cradle Ceremony

When Priyanka first contacted me about her son’s cradle ceremony, I had to Google what a cradle ceremony entailed. I had shot lots of Indian events before, but this one was new to me. It can vary a bit from region to region and family to family, but the gist is that while your baby is still very young, you throw a party where all of your friends and family come and bless the baby, bring gifts, and say a prayer for the baby’s good health and happiness. The oldest family member starts the ceremony, and then it moves down the line until everyone has had a chance to give well wishes and sprinkles of rice.

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Indian cradle ceremony

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Like most Indian ceremonies I’ve been privy to, the cradle ceremony looks very organized and beautifully put together, but is casual in regards to the audience – there is a lot going on at the same time, even while the ceremony is taking place, and no one is really obligated to pay attention. It’s a fun, energetic environment, and really a photographer’s paradise. The face painter/balloon artist is busy in the corner, and the kids run back and forth across the room, using giant balloon flowers as swords and squealing to each other. A parent opens a side door and the kids and screams escape to the patio.

A line forms at the back of the room for the catered lunch, and the foil is pulled back to show brilliant orange curries and yellow dals. Mountains of naan sit beside three different Indian sweets and the room fills with the spicy aromas as they blend together. This is why I love shooting events.

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Candid family photography

Short Pump Event Photography

Indian event photography

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Short Pump Event Photography

Congratulations, Priyanka and Prasad! Mukund is a precious little boy and is clearly surrounded by family and friends who love him. Thank you for letting me be part of your day!

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Priyanka and Prasad
Priyanka and Prasad


Thank you thank you so much, the photos turned out to be professional. Everyone in our family really liked every photo, especially you and your natural way of taking pictures, handling my son waiving the hand to grab his attention to the camera.

You know what you were doing all along, you did a fantastic job. You provided literal ‘peace of mind’. For lack of better words we are just saying Thank You, as we feel that thank you is something less to say after all these memories that you captured for us.