I am Not an Extrovert

I am not an extrovert. I don’t draw my energy from crowds; I don’t enjoy approaching people to make small talk. I am happiest when I’m one-on-one or in a small group of people I know, in a quiet space. I cherish alone time, though that’s pretty hard to find these days. I do enjoy a challenge, though, so when I saw a flier for the Nurture Birth & Baby Fair in April, I jumped on it. I knew that six hours of promoting my business in public, to strangers, would be draining and hard, but I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to talk to dozens of mothers and moms-to-be.

I am not an extrovert

I put together a table that I thought would attract my clientele – families who want photos to be fun and simple. I put the table on risers, so pregnant women wouldn’t have to bend down to look at anything. I included photos from my favorite in-home newborn and infant sessions. I bought chocolate. And I considered the information that I wanted to share. This was important, because there were two other photographers at the event and I needed to quickly share how I was different with the visitors walking by.

My elevator speech is a concise three sentences:

I’m a maternity, baby, and family photographer.

I shoot on location, so I’ll come to you, or we can meet at a park around Richmond (in-home is definitely recommended for new babies). 

My style is less posed and more “families being families,” with me there to document it. 

Family photographer

My clients tend to appreciate the things about photography that I appreciate: the ability to stop time, to show us as we are without pretense, to grab those tiny interactions that mean so much but are hard to capture on your own while you’re in the moment.

I like to use photography to remember the little details that get forgotten so quickly as they grow – tiny fingers and toes, little baby hair swirls, dimples, puffy cheeks, and leg rolls. The way they grab your fingers, then your hand. How they throw their little arms around your neck, and how they squeal when you tickle them.

If these are the kinds of moments and details you want a photographer to help you remember, and you want to have fun with your family while the photographer does the work, I might be the right photographer for you. Leave me a voicemail (804-286-0314), or shoot me a message if you’re not an extrovert and hate talking on the phone too. Let’s talk.

Oh, and if you’re wondering, I had a blast at the fair. I talked to over 100 families and pregnant ladies, gave out all my chocolate, and hopefully shared my joy of capturing the details. I’m not an extrovert but it was fun anyway.

Newborn photographer

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