Family Photography – The Branches Go to Charlottesville


After a winter so mild that the lilacs were blooming in March and the honeysuckle in May, I predicted a summer full of drought and overwhelming heat. Spring though, was cool in comparison, and I thought maybe i had been wrong about the way summer would feel. It wasn’t until Tuesday when I checked the weekend weather for Charlottesville that I knew we’d be in for a doozy. The humidity alone was enough to choke you, and paired with temperatures in the 90’s, just stepping outside made you yearn for winter. We had every excuse in the world to be miserable during our outdoor shoot, but Melissa and Jeremy, and even little baby J never complained or let the weather get to them. I had a great time with them at UVA, hanging out on The Lawn and then going for ice cream at Ben & Jerry’s, where they first met on Free Cone Day so many years ago. Charlottesville is a great location for family photography!

Thank you so much for a wonderful afternoon! Enjoy your sneak peek!









8 thoughts on “Family Photography – The Branches Go to Charlottesville

  1. I absolutely adore the picture of us seated in the Dome Room! I am really looking forward to hanging these pics in our house. I know that we will cherish them forever. I’m already thankful we invested in professional family pictures:-)

  2. How beautiful!! I think my favorite single picture is little baby J in his daddy’s arms. He looks like he’s talking to you, and his little baby lips and cheeks are so adorable!! And, his eyes are so clear I can almost see the photographer in them! (But not quite). The one on the quilt is wonderful! It’s so great to see the Branches again. Hi friends!!

    1. Thanks for the loving, Kathy! We had a great time and are super pleased with your daughter’s work:-) The pictures definitely captured Jeremiah’s spirit.

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