Party of 25 – Family Photos in Powhatan

I don’t often get called for large family sessions – my MO more often than not is families that are far less established – a parent or two, a kid or two, maybe a dog… so when Georgette called me a few weeks ago and asked me to come take family photos in Powhatan,¬†and help her gigantic family of 25 celebrate 45 years together, I knew it would be a different kind of experience.

I wasn’t completely sure what to expect when I arrived at the Kimsey homestead, but everyone was ready, there were half a dozen spots to choose from, for even a family as large as theirs, and they were more than prepared – ice cream sundaes and a for-real bouncy house were waiting for 13 extremely well-behaved children once we were done. They were professionally bribed, and it was clear this wasn’t their first family shoot. They were fantastic! I was able to get so many great shots of this wonderful family, because they were all prepped and on a mission together for a great family photo (and sundaes! and a bouncy house!).

Backyard family photos


Powhatan family photography

Powhatan photos


family photos in powhatan












IMG_4800 IMG_4784













family photos in Powhatan



fun family photos


The boys clearly took me seriously when I said “pretend you like each other” near the end of the session.



It’s like cuteness overload.

Family Powhatan photos

Thank you all so much, Kimsey clan! I wish you many more happy years together as a gigantic happy family!

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Great work! You even got the dog to pose with 25 people! I know they are so happy with how these turned out! They are perfect! What a great way to capture those memories Mrs. Patel!

Amy Berkley
Amy Berkley

Wow…fantastic photos! The Kimsey genes run strong in this family….


Wow! Fabulous photos!! Fabulous! I don’t know any of these people, but I’m really happy for them – beautiful family and great photos capturing their legacy. Now, where is that ice cream and the bouncy house?!!