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My Favorite Fall Photo Locations

We’re only a week away from the start of peak leaf season for Richmond, according to the Virginia Department of Forestry. October 20 – 31 is when the experts believe we’ll have peak color, although they also warn that individual trees in urban and suburban locations can change earlier than big groupings of trees or forests.

So with fall upon us and colors brightening the skyline, I wanted to share some of my favorite fall photo locations for family and maternity photos:

Forest Hill Park. I could shoot 25 different sessions in Forest Hill Park and have each one of them in a different beautiful part of the park. This spot has so many nooks and special spots, including water features, rock outcrops, stone walkways, and a really cool tunnel, not to mention a bazillion trees. The tunnel requires some walking to reach, so a mini session is too short – we’d need an hour-long Essential Session to be able to enjoy our time.

Pop quiz - what's your ideal location?

Byrd Park. Byrd Park is also huge. With three different lakes, there are lots of places to stroll around with your family.

Byrd Park kid photography

Pump House Park is right beside Byrd Park but it’s tucked away and lots of people drive right past it. There’s a stone house, waterfalls/spillways, and flat trails through the woods that really make it a great spot for families with older kids (note no railings), or maternity clients.

Libby Hill Park is a classic, popular spot for photos any time of year. The golden light that hits the top of the hill in the afternoons/evenings make it especially beautiful, and the gingko trees turning brilliant yellow make it perfect for lots of different types of sessions.

On location photography

Monument Ave. Who says you need a park to get sweet fall photos? The tree-lined avenue turns a bright red and orange during peak season, and it’s an easily accessible spot for families when the kids don’t outnumber the adults (due to traffic concerns).

Autumn Leaves Photos

There are lots more! Your backyard could be the most perfect location if you have trees around. Keep your eyes open as you drive around your area or visit your favorite outdoor spots this week. Where are the leaves changing? What are your favorite fall photo locations? Shoot me an email and tell me where you’d like to go!