Forest Hill family photos

Forest Hill Family Photos in 60 Minutes

I’ve worked with the Gray family for years, since Baxter was about 18 months old. We’ve had sessions in lots of different parks and areas of the city, including these Forest Hill family photos, but we’d never made it all the way down to where Forest Hill meets the Buttermilk Trail. We met on a warm November Friday afternoon, when kayakers were busy coming and going at the river put-in and bikers were skipping work to skim the trails around us. A train came through right as Baxter was getting out of the car, and I waved to the conductor to get him to blow his whistle as he rolled by.

I had scouted the area ahead of time and warned the Gray family about the shoes they might want to wear for our expedition through the culverts and trails north of the lake. They came prepared for adventure, and we deftly skirted the water while we made our way up and down the trail.

I offer 30 minute, 60 minute, and 90 minute sessions, and each one has their purpose. 90 minutes are especially great for newborns and lifestyle photography at home. There’s no rush, we can play and try different things and let the kids run the show, for the most part. 30 minute sessions are great for brief family photo updates, for headshots and maternity, or when you want some direction but have very small kids who can only take so much before they run away screaming.

60 minute Essential sessions are a great in-between. They give us time to play and give kids time to relax while also giving us a time frame to work within to get our posed and free shots. Christy chose the 60-minute option for this year’s session, and I saw a switch click in Baxter as we hit the 30-minute mark, where he visibly relaxed and started playing more with his parents. He began smiling and laughing in a way that I could tell was real, and we laughed and played all the way back from the lake to the culverts. The light was warm for me, the temperature was cool, and nobody got wet. That’s a win in my book.

Christy, Travis, and Baxter, thank you so much for spending so much time with me over the years, and this year for Forest Hill family photos! I’m so thrilled that we’re able to get together each fall and mark the passage of time with family photos.