Twofer: Front Yard Family & Maternity Photos

Lindsay and I had planned to meet at a park on the north side of the river. It was a spot I hadn’t shot before, but I had done my research and it looked exciting for our combo family-maternity shoot. Then the forecast shifted from upper 50’s to lower 40’s (this was in November, when lower 40’s seemed cold), and we decided to shift our location to somewhere closer to the house, so we could go inside to warm up when we started freezing. Lindsay and Albert’s front yard was perfect.

Father son photography

Front Yard photo session

Front yard family photography

Children photographer

Outdoor family pictures

Toddler photography

Autumn family photography

simple family photography

Fun outdoor photography

We met in the morning to fit Wilson’s nap schedule, and he was bubbly and eager to share leaves and pine needles with me that he found on the ground. The leaves were still changing, and the morning light filtered through the trees to warm us while the wind nipped at exposed noses and finger tips. Albert and Lindsay took turns entertaining Wilson and I snapped away as he brought me twigs and pine cones. Lindsay and I snuck in some maternity shots while the boys investigated the big rocks that bordered the front yard.

Forest Hill family photos

Southside maternity photography

Mother son photography

Front yard maternity pictures

Richmond maternity photos

Toddler photographer

We played, and crunched through fallen leaves, and then went for a short walk along a trail in the woods. After running around for a while, we headed indoors and played more, finally settling down and reading a Star Wars book together.

RVA family photographer

Richmond family pictures

Wilson knows all the characters, and was eager to point them out as his dad asked him where each one was. Where’s Yoda? Where’s Luke? Where’s Jabba? Wilson knew them all.

I thoroughly enjoyed our morning romp through the leaves and the educational “reading” of Star Wars. Thanks for taking the time to be out in the cold with me, guys!


If you’re interested in your own front yard/living room session, click here to contact me and let me know what you’re looking for.

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kathy gardner
kathy gardner

You captured this family beautifully in their own environment, outside in the yard and inside doing intimate family activities. Very special.