Gifts for Grandparents: A Photographer’s Guide

It’s the time of year where you start racking your brain to find gifts for all of your family members. Your kids, if they’re old enough, don’t let up on the hints, but if they’re itty bitty, you might have trouble thinking up gifts for them for their first or second Christmas or Hanukkah. Add in a spouse, co-workers, friends, brothers and sisters, and your parents, and your brain (and wallet) are pretty drained just trying to think up the perfect gift, well before the holidays even begin. I’m here to help you with one group: Grandparents.

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The ever-elusive parent gift may have been a tie or a pair of earrings when you were growing up, but now that you’re an adult and a parent yourself, more is expected of you to come up with something meaningful. Now that you have kids of your own, it’s time to put them to work as the perfect little gift-givers they are. Here are some ideas for gifts that your kids can give (for which you can take credit) to their Grandparents:

A family or school photo in a decorated frame. It doesn’t have to be fancy; you can decorate an inexpensive frame with (non-toxic) paint, have them dot it with paint fingerprints, or even paint popsicle sticks and glue them to the frame.

Gift Guide for Grandparents

A handprint/footprint craft. A small canvas decorated with a footprint reindeer or upside down hands that form a Christmas tree, can be brought out year after year as a decoration for the holiday and a reminder of how adorable the grandkids were in 2019.

A Christmas tree or Hanukkah ornament. The theme is the same – have your kids decorate an ornament that your parents can hang for the holidays year after year. You could even make it a tradition and see how the ornaments transform with the growth and maturity of your children.

A book or calendar of photos of your kids. This is likely the most time-consuming gift on your part, but if you can do it, the impact will last all year. You don’t need professional photos to make this gift, either. Fill it with images from your phone, as long as they’re decent photos and the program/site/app you’re using doesn’t give resolution alerts once you upload them. You can create your gift using a theme, of all photos of the kids with their grandparents, or featuring a certain family member on the month of their birthday. Or you can go completely random and fill it with all your favorite pictures from the year. Just remember if you choose this one, it has to be printed, so the sooner you do it, the better.

A book of artwork. This one might be a bookmark for next year, as your son or daughter collects art throughout the year. Collect the pieces and take photos of them, or use the Artkive or GoogleScan app to scan the pieces and keep them together in one place. When you’re ready, you can print them into a book that can be given to multiple sets of grandparents.

An extended family photo session. Parents, grandparents, and even great-grandparents are always eager for photos of you and/or your kids. Take it one step farther and get them in the photos, too. A gift certificate/card from your favorite pro photographer can create excitement for a spring session, if winter photos aren’t what you’re looking for.

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Pro tip: AC Moore is going out of business, so expect heavy sales of craft supplies in the near future. Frames, paint, glue, blank ornaments and canvases, along with all matter of supplies will all be expected to be heavily discounted.

Also, these gifts don’t have to be exclusively for grandparents, obviously. I still cherish the “Charlotte’s First Thanksgiving” hand turkey ornament I received from a dear friend 5 years ago, and hang it on my tree every year.

What other gifts could your kids give to their grandparents and other relatives this year? I’m all ears in the comments below!

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