Glen Allen Family Backyard Photos

It was that last quiet week of December. The one between Christmas and New Year’s when you take a deep breath and let it out slowly, enjoying family time and eating leftovers. I drove to Glen Allen and parked in front of Claudia and Chen’s house, and waved hello to the older couple sitting on the front porch. Claudia’s dad smiled kindly and her mom hurried inside to find someone to translate. They were visiting from Italy and their English was rusty, her sister explained.

We didn’t go far for our backyard session. Claudia and Chen live in a lovely, sleepy neighborhood in Glen Allen, and it was a chilly December day. The sun was just peeking through the clouds, casting a golden late-day glow and making the day appear warmer than it was. I positioned family members with hand gestures and a thumbs up, pausing for Claudia to translate my occasional more long-winded instructions.

We poked into the house to get some inside photos before returning to the backyard for some additional fun shots to round out our 30 minute mini session.

Claudia and Chen, it was such a pleasure to meet your family and hear of all the faraway places from whence they had come to visit. I’m so excited for your maternity session!
Grazie per il tempo meraviglioso!