Grandparents Day Is (Not) A Real Holiday

Back in January, I somehow had the wherewithal to pull out the camera when Asa first met his grandparents. (That awareness diminished greatly by the time he met his aunt and uncles, go figure.) I loved the images I took, first in the hospital and then here at home, when the two sets of grandparents met their first grandkid. The genuine joy was real and raw, and beautiful. 

I wanted to do something special with the photos, and not just give them over on a random Tuesday without any pomp. I looked up Grandparents Day and saw that it was September 9. PLENTY of time to get something together, even for a frazzled new parent.

Grandparents Day gift

I printed the photos in February, and then hid them. Then because I try to do all the things, I forgot about them until September 9, when a friend reminded me that Grandparents Day was THAT DAY. Sigh. Best-laid plans.

I put together the gifts, framing them and as diptychs or triptychs, and I included a card, thanking them for their babysitting, visits, and life skills lessons, and signed it with the baby’s name. 

They were a big hit, and I’m glad I didn’t give them over on a random Tuesday. I realize I didn’t need to wait until Grandparents Day to give the photos, and it may be the only GPD we celebrate (two weeks late), but an inconspicuous holiday is a fun way to give a gift! 

What non-holiday holiday can you use as an excuse to give a photo gift to someone? 

Richmond family photography
I love books. They’re so tasty. 

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