When I got Hacked


It’s been a long few weeks. I got hacked, y’all. My little photography business site got hacked, and being hacked feels a lot like having your car broken into, or your bike stolen off your front porch. You feel silly, exposed, and embarrassed that something like that could happen to you. When you’re the victim of a non-violent crime, you feel a range of emotions that are hard to describe and understand. You’re mad at a faceless, nameless jerk, who, at least in my case, is likely very far away from Richmond, VA, and has zero interest in me, my business, or my clients. Why they would even go through the trouble to install malware on my site is beyond me. It’s not like I’m taking payment through my site, or writing my bank account info in my blog posts. You feel confusion, anger, frustration, a little bit of panic and defensiveness as you think about what you might have done to draw attention and ire toward yourself on the internet.

Richmond photographer

Of course, a lot of times, there’s no answer to these questions. Never an answer to why someone broke into my car in Oregon Hill in the middle of the work day over a dozen years ago. Or where my bike went after it was stolen from my front porch in the Fan n college. I’ll probably never learn why someone felt they needed to break into my website and insert a bunch of malware code. Maybe they really liked my family photo portfolio, and didn’t know how to express themselves properly.

Regardless, it happened. It was discovered by my site host almost immediately, and they shut the site down until I could fix it, removing code line by line until it was all gone. Of course, removing important code also meant that my site was broken, so Tech Support then helped me write over my existing site with an earlier version. They were really amazing, and helped me for hours each day for several days, going late into the night more than once, to help me get everything back to normal. Ironically, the only thing I lost and couldn’t get back was the post I made immediately after the Birth & Baby Fair earlier this month, where I reintroduced myself and wrote about what I do and why I do it.

Family photographer

I’m sorry I’ve been inordinately quiet on the blog this month. With the erasure of my last post, and then dealing with the hacker consequences, and then a week of family visiting for Easter and an “our kid joined daycare three months ago and he’s constantly sick” cold, April has been a whirlwind adventure. We’re starting to get our rhythm back, and the pollen seems to be quieting down a bit. I’m excited to get out and shoot some outdoor family sessions!

When I got Hacked