Summer to Fall: Hanover Family Photography

I pulled into a spot at the end of the miles-long driveway to the sounds of big-dog woofing. Alex, the family’s golden retriever, met me at my car door and waited for me to scratch behind his ears, tail wagging and tongue lolling. We had met before, when I came to meet with Sydney and Jeff and pick out some spots for our family session on their Hanover property. He knew that I was good at scratching behind his ears.

Often, my clients defer to me to tell them what we want to do and how to do it, but Sydney had a specific vision for our time together. We had goals and locations in mind, outfits picked out and different feelings planned for each one. Their family room is dark and cozy, with cedar on the walls and a fireplace anchoring the room, and Sydney knew she wanted something that felt light and like summer in that space. We started with that goal, while the sun was at the highest point. Even though it was a chilly autumn day in mid October, the leaves had not started changing yet, so it was fairly easy to pull off “summer” in the front yard with an outfit change to bright blues and creamy neutrals.

Hanover family photography

Richmond family photographer

front yard photography

We did a quick wardrobe change and rode down to the pond to get some shots down there, too.

Chesterfield photographer

West End family photography

Midlothian family photographer

Back at the house, another wardrobe change flipped us from “summer” to “fall,” and we invited Alex to join us.

Blended family photography

East End photographer

Southside family photos

Northside family photography

Blended family photos

One more switch as we wandered down the driveway, surrounded by greenery.

Mechanicsville family photography

Ashland family photography

Father daughter photography

Hanover family photos

Atlee family photographer

Hanover family photographer

It’s a quick trip from Richmond out to their spot in Hanover, and I’m glad Sydney chose this as our location. Their property is beautiful and full of photogenic spots of light and color.

Sydney, thank you for inviting me out to Hanover for a lovely afternoon! It was great meeting your wonderful family and spending time with you all.

Couples photography


Tell me in the comments which “season” you like better – summer or fall?