I like you, but…

I love feedback. I love giving it, I love receiving it. I like to know what people are thinking, so I can keep doing the right things and change the things that aren’t going as well. I try not to send out requests for feedback too often here because I don’t want to overwhelm, but occasionally I’ll receive it without asking for it. Usually the unsolicited feedback starts with “I like you, but…” and goes on to tell me why they don’t actually see themselves working with me. It’s usually something to do with my pricing, and it’s typically worded in a “hint-hint” kind of way, to see if I’m willing to lower my work’s worth pricing for their shoot.

I understand if you’re not able to hire me due to costs. You have a budget, and priorities, and photography is typically riding the bottom of the priority list. It’s the budget line item that gets dropped first when it’s photography vs. car payment, or photography vs. daycare bill, or whatever comes up in a given month.

So I get it, photography is usually something people save up for, and it’s not in the cards for everyone. But that doesn’t mean you don’t care. I see you caring, the way you read my blog posts, like, comment, and share things that I post on social media. I see you opening and reading my monthly newsletters, clicking the links to my site where I’ve worked to put together something of value for each person who visits. I appreciate your word of mouth shares, your forwards of the newsletter, how you mention me to your friends when they’re having a baby or looking for a a new family photographer.

I see you and I appreciate you (and I reward you with $50 off your session if the people you share with end up booking). I appreciate you, casual fan, follower, and friend. Every time you spread the word, you’re helping grow a small business without spending a dime. Thank you so much for helping me grow mine!

Speaking of the newsletter, if you’re interested in reading it and you’re not already a subscriber, you can be! Sign up at this link and get the next newsletter on Friday!

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Who is that adorable child in your blog?!!
You’ve captured some mighty cute expressions!!