Jewel Tones Family Photos at Dogwood Dell

My heart caught in my throat as I pulled up to the spot where I was to meet Christy and her family for our photos. “Oh-em-gee. The Carillon is under construction.” There was a fence surrounding the tower in Byrd Park, and no trespassing signs were everywhere. No way we were going to be able to use the beautiful stone steps to showcase the jewel tones the Gray family were wearing.

I texted the Grays as I surveyed the surroundings. I saw potential at Dogwood Dell, just a few paces from the parking lot. Close was key, because Travis was on crutches and couldn’t travel far. They were on board with Plan B and met me a few yards from our original location.

Byrd Park couples photo

Baxter’s grown so much from last year’s session, but still has a lot of adorable little boy in him, including a fascination with all lengths and types of sticks. He collected them as we walked around Dogwood Dell, placing them in strategic locations so he could fetch them easily between shots.

We found massive leaves that had fallen from the trees overhead, and used them to keep the peppy five year old interested in our session. What kid wouldn’t be fascinated with a leaf the size of your head?

He ran out the rest of his energy running up and down the tiers of the amphitheater, adding a series of jumping jacks at the bottom just for fun. We watched from the top tier, and I was definitely more than a little jealous of his energy. Let me borrow some next time, Baxter!

Thank you, Gray Family, for being so adaptable and willing to explore a new spot with me. It was a blast, as always! I love how your jewel tones worked for us perfectly. You always pick such great colors for our autumn photos!

Jewel tones family photos