Joy and Delights: What the World Needs Now

This world is a disaster. A complete disaster, with fires and viruses and ridiculous choices made by leaders that affect us all. It’s enough sad things to make me briefly doubt the choice to bring babies into the world. What if all the joy is gone and it’s too late for them to be delighted by the things I’ve enjoyed?

The delights of real-life photography

I was feeling some sort of way about all of this last week, and then drove to have lunch with a friend and put on This American Life podcast in the car. The episode was called “The Show of Delights,” about the little things that people find delightful. Apparently I’m not the only person struggling with this existential dread and other people have felt the need to find good in the little things.

Richmond photographer

The point of the episode was to share little things that are delightful. One example was a 5 year old’s first ride on the school bus, which was documented in great detail with lots of excitement. Another was a man’s flight home with a tomato plant, where he protected it like a small child and it got its own seat, thanks to a caring flight attendant. Little things.

We need to share the things that we find delightful with the people we love, so they can be delighted as well.

Toddler photography

With that in mind, here are some of my recent delights:

  • An hour-long massage by Courtney Jameson.
  • A purple calla lily that my mom gave me when I left my job last month.
  • Whoppers. My colleagues gave me 4 cartons of Whoppers as a going-away gift and I ate them all in 2 weeks. My sweet tooth is insatiable.
  • These new soft towels and the delightful feeling I get when I see them in my bathroom, pretty and not threadbare. I love their little details, like the fringe, and the small stripes.
  • My regular yoga practices with Adrienne. Her free videos this month are “yoga for artists,” which really speaks to me.
  • The illustrations of Lisa Congdon (@lisacongdon), paintings of Emily Jeffords (@emily_jeffords), and the designs of Justina Blakeney (@thejungalow). They inspire me to go do art.
  • The cold-brew coffee from Belle Isle Moonshine. I like it on ice.
  • This speech-language pathologist on Instagram who is teaching her dog how to communicate. It’s brilliant. @hunger4words on Instagram.
  • My 100 Day art project, where I shoot my kids for 10 minutes every day. It’s still fun, even nearly a month into it. The pics on this post are all from different days of that.
  • Last but not least, the podcast episode that started this, from This American Life: The Show of Delights.
Baby girl photography

I hope my short list delights you this week. Be sure to pass along any that really hit the sweet spot for you so that others can be delighted, too. Along those same lines, if I’ve managed to delight you in one of our encounters, please share that delight with someone you love. Like all small businesses, APP thrives when those who love it, share it.

Have a great week!