I Want You to Kick It Old School

I shoot digital photography. Like 99% of my colleagues, I use current technologies, not old school methods, to run my business. I use a digital camera to create photos of you and your family. Then, I use software to edit those photos on my computer. Afterwards, I present those edited photos to you in an online (password-protected) photo gallery. I use all this technology to be more efficient, effective, and consistent with the images I produce.

VA family photographer

But, I want you to kick it old school. I want you to purchase prints, canvases, or albums instead of the digital files, and I’ll tell you why:

  1. Efficiency. I’m all about working smarter, not harder, and buying the digital files means you still have work to do. Instead of simply enjoying the images on your walls or in a book, you have to find a place to print them first. If you want an album, you have to put it together yourself. All of that takes time and effort, and additional money to do it even after having paid for the photos.
  2. Quality. I want you to see your images as gorgeous mirrors of yourself, in true-to-life colors and lighting. When I print your photos, make canvases, or create albums, I’m using professional services and printers. The reason you hire me to take your photos instead of having your cousin come by on their day off is because you know you’ll get consistent quality and service, and you can count on me to deliver. So why then print your professional photos at a pharmacy or big-box retailer, who does not specialize in photography? The pros I use do this for a living.
  3. It’s redundant to buy the digital files. Every family, maternity, and newborn package I offer includes a number of free digital images. That way, if you want to create your own Christmas card with a few images, you can. My newborn packages also include a free digital birth announcement with photos from your newborn session. The announcements can be shared with friends and family, or printed and mailed. I also include a mobile app at the end of every session that you can download onto your phone and/or iPad, and send to everyone you know. The app has all of the edited images from our session. It’s also sized to not take up valuable storage space on your phone. It’s redundant to buy all the digital files when you’re already getting them in a shareable format for free.

Hear me out. I don’t want to throw us all back into the Stone Age. Nor do I want to only shoot film, dive into the smelly, caustic chemicals of film development and spend hours scanning the images so my clients can see them. I want to run an efficient business. I also wouldn’t deliver film negatives to my clients. Until it’s printed, the art is incomplete, and I’d be doing my clients an injustice to offer something undone. Buying the files and then finding a place to print them also means you’re paying twice (me for the files, a printer for the prints/canvases/album). It also means you’re doing all the work, too.

Kick it with me old school, and consider the benefits of only paying for your photos once, and having the hard work done for you.

Kick it old school and print your photos