After the last nap

After the Last Nap

When you have an infant, life is measured in naps, and the time between naps is short. The longest “between time” is the time after the last nap and before bed. It’s the witching hour; the time we get the most done, when he’s the most receptive to activities, when we can run errands or go out for before-dinner ice cream (only the adults get ice cream), or just get out of the house. When the sun goes down at 9pm, like it does these days, it’s easier to go out between 5pm and 7pm as a family and feel like you’ve done something productive or fun that day.

After the last nap

Something productive AND fun that can be accomplished after the last nap is an evening family photo session. Productive, fun, and cooler at that time of day than earlier in the day in the middle of summer.

You can unwind from a long summer day with a blanket in a field, with bubbles, giggles, and hugs and snuggles, as the sun lazily lowers itself to bed and I capture the time you’re spending together as a family.

Plus, if we’re lucky we’ll catch one of those amazing summer sunsets as it fills the sky over Richmond with color.

And all of that after the last nap. Look how productive we are!

If an “After Naps” photo session sounds appealing to you, contact me to schedule one, but don’t wait. These will only work while the sun is setting late. Time is limited!

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