Lifestyle Photography: Nothing Lasts Forever

People ask me all the time what I wish I had known before I became a mother. My practical answer is always, “nobody told me about the laundry.” Seriously, though. Why did no one tell me about the laundry?

My emotional answer is that nothing lasts forever. I had a moment about a week after coming home from the hospital where I thought, “OMG I’m never going to sleep for more than 3 hours at a time again for the rest of my life” and I honestly thought it was true.  I know it wasn’t true; Asa is an amazing sleeper and I’ve gotten my adult-life back, more or less. But Mom-for-a-week me had a terrifying thought that the baby would always be a baby and I would be breastfeeding at 3am for the rest of my life.

This whole baby thing really does go by so fast. One day you’re hunkered down cluster feeding, the next he’s eating solids and sleeping in big boy jammies with his butt up in the air and you can’t believe the year is 3/4 over. 

Nothing lasts forever. It’s been a relieving, terrifying, heartbreaking sentence I keep telling myself. The logical part of me is grateful, the sentimental part of me cries every time I put another outgrown onesie in the giveaway bag.

I photograph everything I’m afraid I’ll miss one day: the obvious growth spurts and monthly milestones, obviously, but also the day to day moments. The messy baby food faces; his exploration of the backdoor during a rain storm; the “infant lean” sit, where he’s sitting off balance but trying to correct it with his feet up in the air. That moment where he grabs his toes and stuffs them in his mouth. The cuddles and snuggles I get when he’s super tired or teething, and the giggles and snorts when Daddy makes a funny face. 

Richmond family photography

That’s what I love about lifestyle photography: capturing those little honest moments so you can keep them forever. I love to do this for my own family, and I’d love to do it for yours on a Saturday morning. If this kind of casual, at-home shoot sounds like fun for you, contact me and let’s make a date. The time will fly right by.