How this works: Maternity Sessions

Most of my maternity clients are newbies to maternity photography. You don’t really think about how maternity sessions work when you’re not pregnant. Just like most people aren’t looking for doulas or pediatricians before becoming pregnant, maternity photography is a back-of-mind service, until it’s not. So in the interest of helping you navigate yet another strange land, here’s how maternity sessions work here at Allison Patel Photography:

First, there are two options: a stand-alone maternity session, or an add-on maternity mini session. And you navigate those options like a choose-your-own-adventure book by asking this question: do you want only maternity photos, or maternity photos and also photos of your newborn? If the answer is “only maternity photos,” skip down two paragraphs and rejoin me at the “Option B: Only Maternity Photos” section below. If you want both maternity and newborn photos, keep reading the “Option A: Both Maternity and Newborn Photos” section below.

Option A: Both Maternity and Newborn Photos. Congratulations, you’ve made a choice! You want to document your pregnancy and also your brand new little life once they’re outside of you. The add-on maternity session that comes with my newborn packages is 30 minutes long, and costs $100. Five digital image downloads are included. Most mamas schedule the maternity session between 28-34 weeks, but sessions can be scheduled for any time before your babe arrives.

We can shoot at the location of your choice (I have options if you need some). Because the session is 30 minutes long, we’ll want to choose a location that is not too far of a walk to reach (Belle Isle is out, unless you want to meet me on the island at the start of our session and not at the parking lot).

Ready for the next step? Skip down to “Next.”

Option B: Only Maternity Photos. Making decisions right now is hard, and you’re doing great! You want to document your pregnancy, and you might have other plans for how you’ll get photos of your baby once they arrive. (Please make some plans if you don’t have them!) Most women choose the 30-minute mini session for their stand-alone maternity session, because 30 minutes is pretty much all we need for most locations. However, if you plan to have a lot of family members join you during your session, or if you have a particular location in mind (like Belle Isle) that requires a bit more time to access, you might prefer a 60-minute Essential Session.

maternity photo sessions

Next: Now that you’re past the decision-making part and you know what kind of maternity session you want, the rest is easy. You send me an email and let me know which type of session you want. We’ll agree on a date and time (evening is best!) and I’ll send you a written agreement that we’ll both sign, that will give you the peace of mind knowing that we’re on the same page. I’ll also send you an invoice that you can pay to solidify our date, time, and location. All of this happens online.

From there, maternity sessions are more or less like family sessions. I’ll ask you to move here or there during our session, to put your hands like this or that, to look down or up or not. And sometimes I’ll go quiet for a few minutes and just see where the shoot goes, particularly if you bring a partner, family members, and/or a fur-child with you. If you’re alone, I might ask you some questions to get you to loosen up and feel more comfortable.

So, that’s a maternity session. I hope this helps you navigate one part of new-parenthood a little more easily. Have a question? Click here to contact me!

maternity sessions