Memorable Moments: Session Roundup

My two year old is in a properly curious stage. He loves to go into my office and stare at the books and doo-dads on the bookcase, admiring all of “Mama’s books.” He’ll sometimes ask me to pull down big old photo albums for him because he likes the color of the bindings. Inevitably, he wanders off after one page and leaves me to get lost in high school memories for twenty minutes. It’s glorious.

I love to look back at memories from past client sessions, too. I find the most memorable moments from a session are the unscripted ones. Poses are great, but candid moments are what bring a session together. A client will do something spontaneous at the perfect moment, which makes our time together extra memorable. Knowing those moments are coming means I have to be ready for the unexpected.

You can do all the posing you want, but this isn’t going to happen if you force it:

family photography memorable moments

Two-month-old Charlotte decided to pipe up when Daddy started singing, and couldn’t understand why everybody thought it was so funny. You don’t expect babies to have such “people” reactions, and it’s pretty hilarious when they do!

Infant candid moments

Big Sister wanted to be sure Little Sister was bathing regularly, and very kindly helped. I made sure to capture that display of true puppy love. I’m so glad I got this shot of one of their first interactions together. Cassie can look back at this and always remember how much Pocket loved her.

Newborn photography

I absolutely love when families just pretend I’m not there, and interact with each other like normal. They give me the best reactions, and those really are memorable moments.

couples photography

I remember how snuggly and little Baxter used to be when he was this little. I can’t believe this was three and a half years ago! He has grown so much and I love to see how much his personality has changed in that time.

Richmond family photography

One of my favorite and most memorable moments was this shoot in September 2017. The relationship these two have is so deep and loving. I love how Carter is looking at Beth in this image as he tells her about his action figures. He wants her to understand what’s important to him, and she’s eager to learn. It’s a beautiful relationship and I love seeing a peek of it when we get together.

Mother son photography

Edit: I can’t believe I left this moment out! Back in 2015, I was honored to be privy to a surprise proposal that was camouflaged as a family session. This was a real memorable moment, and I was so happy to be part of this family’s huge life shift.

Brown's Island Richmond VA

I wish I could share all of the memorable moments I’ve had with families around Richmond. The last 9+ years have provided so many opportunities for these candid interactions. I can’t wait to see what my next 9+ years will bring!

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