Mid-August Blues

I wear many (figurative) hats in my life every day. As a married working mom who has a side job and a baby on the way, I can feel stretched (literally) pretty thin on good days. But when August hits for my full-time job, my 9-5 can transform into a 13-hour marathon day in a long series of days that turns into a week with days called “double Monday” (a real term someone used yesterday to celebrate what day of the week it was). And my run-on sentences become more like brain dumps that I refuse to go back and fix. We call this August in Student Affairs, and it’s often a period of high stress and low morale. We call in lots of favors and get snappy with loved ones and coworkers for not doing enough favors.

It’s the mid-August Blues, and we need a pick-me-up. So here I am, sharing the things that have been shared with me over the last few days to try to lower my stress and raise my morale. If you’re in a gross period of work or personal life and need a pick-me-up, I’m happy to help. If not, Happy Double Tuesday, and enjoy your week!

When Virginia Tech/Lane Stadium makes the front photo of Sports Illustrated’s list of 150 greatest photos of all time:

There’s nothing I like more when life gets really stressful than thinking about the next available escape. Rifle Paper Company has the cutest 2020 calendars and planners out already. I can’t decide which pretty thing to buy, to then turn to February and forget about for 10 months (let’s be real). At least they’re really pretty, though!

My favorite band’s best song off their newest album is called “Hard Times.” We’re listening to this on repeat a lot right now. Bonus… there’s a debate right now in our house about whether the acoustic version is better. Thoughts?

Our morning routine around here has gotten pretty… entertaining recently.

Me rushing home from work this week.

The creepiest/funniest thing I saw last week. Somebody clearly has more time on their hands than I do.

Mid-August Blues
My little dude doing his best to keep me sane this week. (Coincidentally, the only color he can say is “blue.”)

The mid-August rush is nearly over, and I’ll focus on some late summer shooting with a new lens that I bought as retail therapy before shutting it down for a bit until November. Those November spots are going quick! Contact me if you want to hold a spot when I get back.