A Milestone Album: My Newest Favorite

Angie’s eyes were wide with questions and a little anxiety when she grabbed me after church on Sunday. “HOW did you get a year’s worth of photos into one album?” She was referring to my social media post on Saturday, where I showed off my new milestone album. It features 10 spreads (20 pages) of my toddler, from my maternity shoot to his first birthday, including newborn, 3 month, 6 month, 9 month, and 12 month photos. She was amazed that I’d whittled the year down to those milestones and fit them so neatly into one book.

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I clarified: these were some of my very favorite milestone images; the ones that I go back to time and time again when I want to look back at my son’s first year. As the photos on my walls continue to change, and my hard-drives, backup hard-drives, and Google Photos continue to fill with memories from my camera and phone, I find comfort in knowing that the images I’ve chosen for my albums can be treasured for years without fear of technology breakdown or running out of wall space.

This particular book got put through the paces this weekend. My son was feeling especially “toddlery” on Saturday, and the book was only one of the items that provided an excellent ramp for his yellow school bus. He rolled it back and forth over the pages, the little treads skipping over the pictures of himself without leaving any marks. My baby daughter reached over and grabbed a smooth, textured page with a slobbery little fist, and I was able to wipe the drool off and unclench her little fingers, with no ill effects. The pages are stiff, which allows them to lay flat and also survive little hands without getting bent, crinkled, torn, wet, and basically destroyed. The cover is a gorgeous blue fake leather that is soft and protective, with the title stamped into it in silver foil.

Albums don’t have to encompass a whole year of images. You can create one book of your maternity and newborn photos, and it would be beautifully simple and uncluttered. Then use those same newborn images (or others from the same time period) to start a new book, birth to 3 months old. Another book could encompass just your baby’s journey from being a bump-on-a-log newborn to a walking, sassy toddler.

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On the other hand, if you book a Milestone or Grow With Me package, three or five professional sessions could easily fill a book with your favorites images. Are your kids past the infant milestones? No problem. A Milestone or Grow With Me package can be customized to meet your family’s needs, and both of them include a custom book at the end of the scheduled sessions. I’ll walk you through picking out your favorite shots and create the book for you. It would be the least stressful album creation of all time. Hit me up and let’s talk books.

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