milestone photography

Milestones: Not Just for Babies

I talk about capturing and documenting milestones for babies a lot. Tiny humans change so much in their first year that sometimes it feels like you need a camera attached to your face to make sure you grab every single moment as it passes.

But milestones aren’t just for babies. Obviously there are the ones involving your kids – first day and last day of school, holidays, birthdays, and graduations. But you – the adult person – have milestones too, and they deserve to be celebrated just as much. Starting a new job, moving to a new home, or graduating from a higher-ed program are all more obvious milestones that are worth celebrating. Particularly in a year when it feels like we’re all just kind of sitting around waiting for something to happen.

I met with Nicole, Olivia, and Luke at their new home, to help them celebrate their milestone. There’s something soothing to know that even during 2020, people are doing normal things like moving.

I’ve met with Nicole and her teenagers a few times now, and I have always appreciated how close her kids are with each other. They huddle in hushed tones between shots, and look so comfortable standing together in photos. I’ve seen married partners look more uncomfortable standing close to each other than these two. As Olivia starts the transition to college, I hope she and Luke stay as close as they look.

Nicole, Olivia, and Luke, thank you so much for inviting me over to your new place and letting me help you celebrate your milestone! Congratulations! I hope your new commute from the kitchen to your desk is lovely.