My Favorite Spring Locations

With the pandemic that shall not be named keeping everyone on our toes and out of public areas, I know a lot of people are cancelling trips, events, school and work. Life is looking a lot different for everyone. Information changes hourly, it seems. As of when I write this, I’m still in business and able to meet with clients for sessions. While I shot a glorious in-home newborn session just last week, with the info we have now I might recommend that we shoot outside for the next few weeks, or until something else changes.

So with that in mind, here are some of my favorite spring locations that aren’t in crowded places, which allow for social distancing while also documenting some fun family time:

Belle Isle. I love Belle Isle for its gorgeous backdrops, no matter the season. The river, pond, rocks, and trees are all perfect backdrops that can work for any type of family. With spring officially hitting this week and trees beginning to bloom, they would be exceptionally pretty now.

Richmond family photography

Church Hill Overlook. If you love Richmond and were hoping for some city skylines in your photos, this is a great spot to capture downtown without actually being downtown. This spot is typically best in late afternoon, when the sun is mostly behind you. It gives the concrete and brick background a softer feel.

Namaste Girl Crouched on a hill during Golden Hour in Churchill in Richmond, VA
This photo is from 2011. How much has the skyline changed in 9 years?

Bryan Park. Azaleas, amiright? The azaleas bloom here in a pretty swift two-week period, but when they go, they go hard. White, pink, and red blooms are everywhere in this little haven and it’s a beautiful spot for spring photos, if you go at the right time.

Spring Mini Sessions

Forest Hill Park. If your family likes to walk, Forest Hill has awesome trails, and so. many. trees! There’s a lake at the bottom of the longest, steepest hill, a gazebo that’s fun for echos. There’s even a pretty amazing tunnel if you know where to look for it.

Favorite Spring Locations

Lastly, don’t forget your own backyard. Your backyard can be magical for your kids when they have your full attention. Pull the outside chairs out of winter storage, wipe them down with a cloth (not a paper towel) and sun bathe. Take a ball, a jump rope, or a picnic lunch, and do something in your own backyard that you wouldn’t normally do.

Stay safe, everybody. You can visit my favorite spring locations with or without a photographer. Just don’t touch anything.