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New Book & An Opportunity

It can get pretty boring offering the same stuff all the time, so occasionally I like to add new stuff to my inventory to spice it up. I’m pretty excited about this new book I just started carrying this month. I’ve offered¬†this album for the last several years, and its stiff, lay-flat pages and solid-colored cover make it great for holding onto formal events and highlights like maternity shoots or weddings (I don’t shoot weddings anymore, but the album is still great for that).

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I wanted another option, something slightly more casual, to capture fun family shoots. It’s perfect for annual “I’m growing up” milestones like Carter’s jaunt around Belle Isle last fall,¬† and might more accurately represent my clients.

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This new photo book is made by the same professionals that make the more formal album, so I know the quality holds up and the colors and tones are accurate. It has the same type of spine to allow the pages to lay flat.

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The major difference between the album and the book is the pages. While the album has stiff, thick pages, the book has thinner pages that can be more easily flipped.

New Book

The other big difference between the album and the new book is the cover. The more formal album comes with a solid cover, made of fabric, leather, or “pleather.” The more casual, fun book has a photo cover, where your favorite image from the shoot becomes the cover, with a corresponding color for the spine and back.

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This particular book is 8×12″, but it also comes in 8×8″ and 12×12″ sizes for the same price as a formal album. I offer it in a 5×5″ size for the same price as a 6×6″ formal album, too. 5×5″ is pretty teeny for an album but it would make a fun gift for a grandparent!

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