Richmond family photography

New Places, “Old” Faces

“Can we park here?” The sign at the flood wall canal walk parking area is confusing, and the meter asks for $8 for the day. We were only planning to be there for 30 minutes. “Uh, sure! Let’s give it a try.” It was Richmond Marathon Saturday, and we were downtown, far away (I thought) from the festivities, and yet there were only two parking spaces open and we kept passing people draped in “Finisher” mantles and running clothes. 

When you get your family photos done annually, like the Grays do, you don’t want to settle for the same background every year; you want to try something new. After our sessions at Libby Hill, Belle Isle, and Forest Hill, we decided to do something completely different. Christy and Travis were up for trying new places, so we met at the Canal Walk and wandered up through the murals at the bottom of the Walk. 

I first started photographing Baxter when he was a very little, but very active toddler. On that day, he ran and toddled and threw a ball around Libby Hill Park. Here we are four sessions later, and he’s still the inquisitive, playful, and active kiddo he was three years ago. He’s just a lot more sure on his feet, and a lot more communicative. 😉 

We explored down the Walk a bit, discovering new places to peek at the canal and watching a lady in pizza pajamas ride back and forth in a golf cart. It was breezy, and chilly in the shade, but we found some nooks and crannies to hide from the wind. One of them was perfectly family-shaped, and we got some adorable shots there before heading back toward the parking lot. (No parking tickets!) 

Happy Thanksgiving, Gray family! I’m thankful for you and your warm, sunny personalities on a cold fall morning. Thank you for hanging out with me! 

I’m now booking for 2019! Contact me for your own family photos, in old or new places.