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Pick of the Month – A Newer New Format

I’ve been doing the Pick of the Month series for a while now. I changed the format back in March to more of a series of picks instead of one thing I liked. I’m making another new change to the format, and making it part of the monthly newsletter. Starting with the July 1 newsletter, the Pick of the Month (POTM) will be one of the features of the email I send out monthly. If you’d like to keep seeing the POTM, you can sign up for the newsletter here. The newsletter is also where I share news first, so if you like to be on the cutting edge of family and maternity photography news, the once-monthly email might be just the place for you. If you’re worried that I’ll send more than one email a month, don’t be. I really don’t have time to spam your inbox.

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Here’s a parting list of the Picks I made on the blog, for your perusing pleasure:

I know they made a movie based on this, but have you read the book?

If you’re a fan of subscription boxes, and a fan of fair-trade artisan items, this might be perfect for you.

Two of my top three podcasts made the pick two months in a row here and here. They’re still in my top three current podcasts. Also, if you haven’t listened to this one, you should before they come out with the movie about it and spoil it for you.

My favorite Jamaican restaurant is located in southside, with super easy access off Chippenham Parkway.

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Another fantastic book, this one non-fiction and instructional, and I’ve used the info I learned several times since I read it.

I made a conglomerate of things I enjoy last summer, and the list still stands. One small edit though, I did see In the Heights last summer when it was in town. Loved it.

Catering services never looked so good as last summer when I needed help from Wegman’s.

A couple of months in a row I talked about charities and ways to help our community, through Help-Portrait and November’s Giving Tuesday.

WPA Southside Bakery got the last featured spot before I switched to the new format in March. And then I tried to help you find the best Mother’s Day gifts in May.

If my previous picks interest you and you want to stay in the loop, you can sign up for the monthly newsletter here and get introduced to new, fun, and helpful things each month.

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