Ordering Prints: Death of a Salesman

It’s a chilly, rainy fall day, dreary outside, but perfect for sitting with a cup of coffee and plate of warm cookies. We sit at your kitchen table while the kids nap in their rooms, their even breathing coming across the baby monitor in peaceful waves.

You set your cup of coffee down and pick up the 4×6″ photo I show you. “Do you love it or just like it?” I ask. It’s a picture of you and your husband, and while it’s really cute, you think he might be making a slightly goofy face. “I can’t decide.” “We’ll go with ‘like’ then.” I say, and put the picture in the left pile of pictures on the table. I pick up the next picture and show it to you. “Love it, or like it?” It’s a photo of your kids, dog-piling on your husband on the living room floor, with sparkling eyes and laughter painted on their faces. “Love it!” you say, and I place the photo in the right pile of pictures on the table.

Easy and Simple Print Ordering

We continue like that for the next 10 minutes, going through the stack of pictures from the family photo session we had two weeks earlier, until all 25-30 pictures are in one stack or the other. Once we’ve gone through all the photos, and a handful of the cookies I brought, I pick up the “love” pile and spread the pictures out on the table. We spend the next 20 minutes talking about the different things you could do with those photos. We had talked before your session about a gallery for the living room, possibly above the couch. Now that we’re looking at the pictures, we arrange them into a faux gallery on the table, with templates displayed on the tablet in front of us as examples of different galleries.

With your free $100 voucher to use however you like on prints, canvases, and albums, there’s really no pressure on me to make a sale, and there’s no pressure on you to buy more than you had planned for. You could put the $100 toward a $150 16×20″ canvas, making that the focal point of your gallery, and anchored by smaller framed prints. Or, you could decide to use the $100 on a little album for your mom for Christmas instead, or put it towards framed prints, for a different gallery look. The world is your decorating oyster, and I’m there to help offer suggestions and advice for design purposes, without pushing you one way or the other or pressuring you to BUY BUY BUY.

don't buy an alpaca

I’d hate for you to buy an alpaca because you feel pressured. Your family pictures are special, treasured keepsakes, and my only goal is to help you make the most of your investment, so that you can enjoy it now, and for years and years to come.

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