Step Away from the Phone

Step Away from the Phone

My inner monologue sometimes carries a bullhorn to yell reminders at myself from within. It says things like, “don’t say that, you’ll regret it” or “Stop eating the cookies” or “Go to bed!” Most times, though, it pokes me with a fing-longer and says “Step away from the phone.”

I recognize the amazing technology that smartphones are, and the link they provide to so many helpful and wonderful things. Remember camera phones in 2002, when the photo was the size of a postage stamp and there were so few pixels you could basically count them on the screen? That technological leap in itself makes me grateful for my little rectangle. I also recognize that many of you are likely reading this on your phone as well. Aren’t we fancy with the things we’re capable of doing?

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Put your phone down for a minute though. Look up, notice what’s going on around you.

Are you in the middle of a nursing session?¬†Enjoy this moment. Store it in your actual (not virtual) memory for later. Remember the baby scent, the giggles and sighs, the way his eyes roll back in contentment when he nurses. The moments that just don’t translate with a selfie. The moments you want to remember without an electronic device shoved between you. The way you want him to remember you without that unflattering blue glow lighting your face.

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Allow yourself a quiet moment. Allow yourself a moment to be bored. Feel that twinge of panic and then relief when you realize you don’t have your phone, and you have to sit and just be with your thoughts, and your kid(s).

Step away from the phone. If you’re desperate to document these moments, consider having someone come in and do it for you. I love a good in-home session. Call me. Or email me, since you’ve put down your phone.

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