For a Limited Time: Porchraits

This week’s blog post was supposed to talk about the Nurture Birth and Baby Fair, which I’ve taken part in for the last couple of years. The Fair was supposed to take place this weekend, but was obviously cancelled, along with so many other exciting events and plans. Sometimes it feels like life was cancelled in March, and we’re all holding our collective breath and trying not to bury our heads in the sand while the number of people who need help continues to grow.

Honestly, I feel like I have it pretty easy. I’m at home, with my partner and my kids. I don’t work an essential job, my family is able to stay together, and we’re all seemingly healthy. My heart is with those who don’t have it as easy, who are making daily sacrifices for the community and their loved ones. Healthcare and emergency workers who are in harm’s way every day. Teachers, parents working full-time jobs with their kids in tow (every day is take your kid to work day). People who are suddenly discovering their work is considered essential. People who are suddenly discovering they have no job. I see you.

I’m documenting this time with all of the photography I can muster. I’m keeping up with my personal project of shooting every day, even with my subjects growing tired of seeing my camera. (I broke down and bribed the toddler this week.)

Introducing porchraits - a way to stay socially distant while also documenting life right now and helping others.

I held a free DSLR Camera Basics class for anyone else who wants to document this weird time of our lives, and I’m offering the notes for that, which can be downloaded here.

I’m also trying to help the community, by staying home and sending love and support to friends and family who have it harder than I do. Toddler art helps brighten people’s day, I’ve found. If you need your day brightened, send me your mailing address and I’ll send you some toddler art.

I have one way to try to help the Richmond community. I’m offering “Porchraits,” for $70. Half of the fee will cover my costs and help me stay in business. The other half will go to Giving Wall. These 5-10 minute porch sessions are safe and socially distant. You and your family stay on your porch, and I’ll stay with my camera and mask on the sidewalk. You’ll get three digital images sent to you within 3 days of our porchrait session, along with a recommendation for printing at another RVA small business. EDIT: For the month of May, I will also send a 5×7 of your favorite image from your session to your mom or mom figure, free of charge. She misses you.

If you’re interested in a porchrait session, I’m currently scheduling them between now and May 31 (I have extended the date). Your porch must be within 30 miles of 23237. You can schedule your porchraits by clicking HERE and mentioning Porchraits in your message.

I hope to see you soon, in one way or another. In the meantime, stay safe, friends. You know the drill. People are counting on you.