pregnancy announcement

A Pregnancy Announcement in Forest Hill

As a photographer, I am sometimes privy to special announcements and life news before other people. No matter the occasion, I feel extremely privileged when a client trusts me with their secret. I love being able to help them celebrate the way they want.

Megan contacted me in September with her joyful news, and asked me to help her put together a pregnancy announcement to share with her friends and family. We met in Forest Hill with her partner, pup, and pup-wrangler-sister-in-law on the gorgeous first day of Fall.

I was more than a little excited to shoot a pregnancy announcement and spend some time with my friend and her growing family. We got the shots with Penny Dog first, in case she needed to be wrangled back to the car early. There are a lot of dogs at Forest Hill and Penny wanted to say hello to each of them. Great idea to bring a wrangler, Megan!

pregnancy announcement

The light was soft and fabulous coming through the trees at Forest Hill. Once we got the shots Megan was really hoping for, I asked them to move around a bit to get some images of just the two of them.

Megan and Nick, thank you so much for trusting me to stay quiet, and letting me help you celebrate! Happy thoughts for a safe and healthy pregnancy!

What are you celebrating this year? Whether it’s a surprise party, a proposal, or a pregnancy announcement, I’m here to keep a happy secret and let you tell it when you’re ready.

pregnancy announcement at Forest Hill Park